Thorn and her Mother Kendra Holliday - Asexuality, Raising a Child to be Sex Positive - A Teen’s Perspective

August 20th, 2017

Being a teen can be tough. You have homework, chores, teachers, and an unstable view of reality, self identity and ultimately a dawning comprehension of life and all its futility, which eventually all ends in death, no matter how hard you try to stave off its inevitability...

Also, omg, boys... amiright ladies? 

Join us this week to talk to Thorn, a 17 year old who identifies as asexual, and her mother Kendra Holliday. We discuss asexuality, being raised sex positive, and any random curveball Josh throws at our guests. 😀

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About our guests:

You can't contact Thorn, as she has chosen to remain anonymous. 😁 (I have a feeling her given name is not thorn.)

Kendra is the Editor of The Beautiful Kind, her personal blog. She is also co-founder of Sex Positive St. Louis. She has a professional consulting site Be Open and Honest, where she offers sex and relationship advice and sex surrogacy services (talking and hands on intimacy).


 About us:

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