Sex Surrogacy with Special Guest Kendra Holliday

July 16th, 2017

Sexual dysfunction can be very deflating. Or is it defeating? I think both work. Either way, disabilities or dysfunctions that negatively affect your sex life can be difficult to live with. Some people are able to work with their doctors or work with talk therapists to solve these problems. Others need more a more "hands on" approach. That's where sexual surrogates like Kendra Holliday can help.

For someone not in a relationship, someone without a sexual partner, having a sexual dysfunction means any time they try to date or begin a relationship they might feel like they have an asterisk attached to their sex lives. Not only do these individuals have to deal with the dysfunction itself, but they also have to deal with any shame or other "feelings" humans have when it comes to sex. It's hard enough to find a mate without an asterisk.**

Sexual surrogates give these individuals an outlet to work through, manage, or even cure what ails them, asterisks be damned! Surrogates like Kendra Holliday create a safe space for these people to heal. A place free of shame, judgement, and one that fosters positive views on human sexuality. 


About our Guests:


In this episode we speak with Kendra Holliday, a sexual surrogate and her partner Matthew. Kendra describes herself as a passionate bisexual sexplorer when it comes to kinks, fetishes, BDSM, swinging, sex work, and polyamory. She is also a mother, daughter, sister, friend and volunteer.

Kendra is a 44 year old woman located in St. Louis, MO and is the Editor of The Beautiful Kind, her personal blog. She is also co-founder of Sex Positive St. Louis. She has a professional consulting site Be Open and Honest, where she offers sex and relationship advice and sex surrogacy services (talking and hands on intimacy).

Her life experiences include monogamous marriage, divorce, sex work, parenthood, as well as being fired and sued for her sexuality. A nudist and sex-positive activist, she is in a polyamorous BDSM relationship with her long-term partner, Matthew.


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 **Josh's note: Josh wishes no ill feelings toward any asterisks or other punctuation marks, but he is still not on speaking terms with the ampersand.

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