Real Life Story: Life with Bipolar Disorder, Hyper-sexuality, and Infidelity

October 16th, 2017

New, from the makers of Puberty: Adulthood.

"Live life as if you constantly have other stuff to get done."

Warning: Side effects may include depression, bipolar disorder, frequent urination, a calm feeling that is immediately interrupted by a crying baby, grief, love, loss, a sense of disillusionment with the world of competitive poker, a constant need to argue about politics, dancing, laughter, dissociative choreography, spending long nights talking while cuddled in bed, that one skin disease that turns you orange, phantom income syndrome, a glimmer of hope on the horizon, with a sense that life can and will get better, and dry, flaky scalp.

Our guest on this episode, Lisa, wished to remain anonymous, and we really loved having her share her story. She lives with bipolar disorder and has struggled to be faithful to her partner and was willing to share a very intimate part of her life with us. These are some heavy topics, but we felt really priveliged to be able to share her story. We hope you enjoy it. 



Josh and Angela Skurtu :-)



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Angela Skurtu LMFT, M. Ed, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

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