Legal Services for Sexual Trauma Survivors - With Rachna Goel and the Jane Doe Advocacy Center

November 5th, 2017

Rachna Goel works with the Jane Doe  Advocacy Center that provides legal services for victims of sexual trauma. Listen in to find out more. :)

About our Guest:

Rachna Goel

Jane Doe Advocacy Center  


Rachna has focused her career on working with children and families. She holds a passion for helping individuals attain justice through the legal system. Her experience includes work at a university health law clinic, multiple Legal Aid offices, and the prosecutor’s office. Rachna has also worked with private attorneys at solo practices and large firms on issues related to family law including divorce, child custody and visitation, and estate planning. During the course of her career, Rachna noticed the lack of legal and general advocacy services focused on non-domestic sexual violence. She crafted Jane Doe Advocacy Center as a source of long-term legal services focused on safety and recovery for survivors of sexual violence. Rachna provides a unique line of services at Jane Doe including interdisciplinary collaboration and holistic services for clients of all ages regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, or income level. Through such comprehensive services, Rachna provides compassionate, valuable service to her clients and the community at large.


From Rachna: "Something we do that people don’t expect from lawyers is our coaching program. For clients who don’t necessarily need a lawyer with them in court, we teach them how to represent themselves and how to handle their case on their own. That way, they have the preparation of a lawyer while still maintaining complete control over their case. It works really well with short proceedings, like orders of protection, because legal fees can add up really quickly there. It also works well with longer cases, like divorce and child custody, where people have the time and ability to do their own legwork and just need some guidance along the way."

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