Five Surprising Ways Obesity can Affect your Sex Life on The About Sex Podcast

June 18th, 2017

Let's be honest. We've put on a few pounds. We got married and graduated college and then we got comfortable. No more long walks to class. No more pickup games outside the basketball lounge (that's a thing, right?). That added to long hours sitting up to a desk in a cubicle and the Extra Value Menu at McDonalds means our waistlines have expanded (your pants did not shrink :).


Many newly married couples gain weight and there are some surprising ways this extra weight can negatively affect your sex life, and we're not just talking about the need for a pulley system. Listen in for the five surprising ways obesity can change your sex life and also some helpful tips on how to change it back on the About Sex Podcast.


-Josh and Angela :)


Episode 36


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