Seeking a Fulfilled Sex Life Living in a Nursing Home

November 20th, 2017

I have never once seen a bird have sex with a bee, yet when I was a child, sex education heralded this fact all around the country. Birds were banging bees. Bees were banging birds. Adults made it the spearhead of any conversation about discussing sexuality with their children. I took great pains after that to follow bees and birds around to try to observe this marvel of modern sex education. Despite all my tracking, all my days spent climbing trees and watching birds, all I got was splinters. I never once saw a bee even try to land a bird.  As an adult, I think I understand it better now. The adults using this archaic metaphor harbored too much shame about sex to openly discuss it with anyone, much less their own children. We hide sex. We shut down conversations about sexuality. We label clinical terms about sex, such as masturbation or vagina, as taboo or “bad words,” things to never discuss, even around impolite company. We even lie to our own children about our own sex lives in the hopes they will not emulate any bad decisions, but this just means they aren’t able to learn anything from us, including how to avoid any pitfalls or mistakes we made in our own sex lives.

              There once was a day when your good old dad and mom took a little roll in the hay, and amazingly enough so did their parents, your grandparents. Sex is a part of every adult’s life, no matter the age. Most of us grow up shielded from the sex lives of the previous generations, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Your children do not need to know the intimate details of your sex life, but when we hide the fact that we even have sex from the younger generations it teaches them that it is something to hide and be ashamed about in the first place. Sex is a part of normal human biology, just like breathing, eating, defecating, and childbirth.

              Today we discuss aging and sexuality with our guest, sex therapist Angela Schubert. We also cover nursing homes, eating disorders, sexual trauma, and a few other topics.


 About our Guest:




Angela Schubert works at Crossroads Counseling, LLC and is a full time professor and director at Central Methodist University

Angie Schubert has a PhD in Counselor Education and supervision and a Masters
degree in mental health counseling from the University of Missouri St. Louis. She
also received a gender studies certificate in 2015 from University Missouri St.
Louis. And she did her undergraduate work at Illinois College and received a
bachelors degree in psychology. Dr. Schubert directs the clinical counseling
masters program at Central Methodist University and is a private practitioner at
Crossroads Counseling.

Angie served as the state chair for the American Association of sex educators
counselors and therapist from 2007 until 2016. Her passion has always focused on
aging sexual expression in nursing homes and her dissertation looked at the
experiences of older adults who resided in the nursing home and the presence of
aging sexual expression in nursing homes.

About Us:

Angela Skurtu is a licensed marriage and family therapist and an AASECT certified sex therapist. She is a published author, with her second book releasing in February.

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Angela Skurtu LMFT, M. Ed, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

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