Sally Hunt discussing religious Sex Education in Public Schools

September 10th, 2017

Sex Education brings up fond memories for most of us. Long days of sitting in class, staring down the barrel of the copious photos of mangled and infected genitals. Countless hours of practicing how to avoid talking to girls by staring at our feet. An endless journey of blushing and uncomfortable giggles every time your instructor says "penis". Ahh, memories...


What could make that even better? Maybe Cheeze-It's induced shame after spitting mouthfulls of crackers into a cup of water as a metaphor for unprotected sex... Wait, what? Did they really pass a cup around and have the students all spit into? You just have to listen to learn more about religious groups like Thrive that teach for "Free" in public schools. Our guest Sally Hunt has all the details. 


About our Guest:


Sally Hunt is a sex-positive activist and organizer who advocates for public school sex ed based in unbiased medical facts. Sally founded the political action committee and the Facebook group, Expose Thrive, designed to raise awareness about and fight against Thrive. Expose Thrive was founded in January, and they have successfully gotten Thrive “Best Choice” removed from 13 public school districts since then. There are 7 more to go. Sally speaks out about the need for a sex-positive revolution, so we can end the shame, judgment, and fear associated with sex and sexuality.

Thrive "Best Choice" Slides

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