Real Life Story - I’m the Tattooed Gentleman and a Buck Naked Handyman

February 9th, 2018

Our guest this week is O. John and he is a very interesting person. His body is adorned in almost every corner with tattoos, including his chest, arms, back, legs, and his penis. Yes, I said his penis. I did not verify this, but he says he has Japanese style waves around the shaft and plans to get a rose tattooed on the head in the near future. Feel free to verify on your own time. ;-)

This link has some photos of O. John in the partial nude, so you can see some of his tattoos while you listen along. Beware that the link is NSFW. The photos are not graphic, but do contain some veiled nudity.

O. John lives bit of a wild life. During the day, he works a white-collared job. On the side, he has worked as a Buck Naked Handyman, been a part of a gay men's nudist group in San Francisco, and performs nude or mostly nude at parties, sometimes as a door greeter. (Not at Wal-Mart. They require more than a thong as a uniform.) Yes, a Buck Naked Handyman means he comes to your home and works around the house while wearing nothing at all. I wonder how that works out when he has to use a skill-saw. Splinters can be a bitch.

He is very comfortable in his skin and very comfortable with his sexuality and joined us to share his story. We learned a lot of new terms, including what a JO show is! Listen in to find out what it is. (Don't Google it!) We hope you can join us for a fun and educational episode.

About our Guest:

O. John / The Tattooed Gentleman


O. John, aka, The Tattooed Gentleman has been collecting his personal ink for nearly 30 years. His bodysuit is the work of several talented artists in San Francisco, St. Louis, Memphis and Jacksonville. As an entertainer and educator, he is playful and uninhibited, the Gentleman aims to amuse and confuse, but leaves you with something to think about.

The Tattooed Gentleman is a frequent performer at Opera Atlanta and a member of St. Louis’ own Beggar’s Carnivale and Naughti Gras.

About us:

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