About Sex Episode 16: Flirting and Initiation - How you are Doing it Wrong

February 2nd, 2017

Welcome to the new home of the About Sex Podcast. We are listed on iTunes now!!!! Yay!!! That only took forver! You can reach us by going to www.aboutsexpodcast.com or you can click the little RSS button over by the share button (which you should also click) and add us to whatever podcatcher you use. Or you can just click here.

This episode is called "Flirting and Initiation." How do you flirt? How do you know if someone is flirting with you? How do you know if you are CURRENTLY flirting and not aware of it (this is probably why so many people grab Josh's butt)?

How do you initiate sexual relations with your partner? How do you initiate sex with a new love interest? How do you tune a carburetor on a Baby Blue 1964 Ford Mustang with custom chrome rims and leather interior...? 

We answer some of these questions and more in Episode Sixteen of the About Sex Podcast. If you enjoy listening, please like, subscribe, and share.



- Josh and Angela Skurtu


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