The Android’s Guide to Enslaving the Human Race - with Joshua Skurtu

August 3rd, 2018


Josh published a new blog, so in this episode Angela decided to pick his brain to find out more. It's titled The Android's Guide to Enslaving the Human Race, yet somehow it's autobiographical and from the point of view of an android. It covers everything from being raised by parents from a religious cult, trauma, and life as an introvert. Nothing can be simple with this guy... It's always androids, hell, and aliens from outerspace. 


He already has three posts up, an intro to the blog that sort of explains the whole android thing, a guide to talking to humans for those with social anxiety, and a guide to not caring in the afterlife.


We also talk about Josh's upcoming novel, You're All Going to Hell: A Love Story, and he shares some of the terrible events of last year that inspired it. It's a comedy set in hell, filled with cannibals, an army of children building border walls, and a love triangle between two men and an anthropomorphic smartphone. Another one of those novels, am I right?


Check it out at your own risk. You never know. You might be assimilated...


About our Guest:

Joshua Skurtu is a writer and podcaster. He recently wrote the upcoming novel, "You're All Going to Hell: A Love Story", and just published his new blog The Android's Guide to Enslaving the Human Race

Feel free to stalk him on Facebook.


About Us: 

Angela Skurtu is a licensed marriage and family therapist and an AASECT certified sex therapist. Her second book released in February. Get marriage therapy and sex therapy in the St Louis area with Angela Skurtu LMFT M.Ed. at:

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