Compulsive Sexual Behaviors - Sex / Porn Addiction - Hypersexuality - with Eric

July 8th, 2018


Our next guest identifies as "Powerful Eric." His name is Eric and after twenty years of going through 12 step programs he no longer identifies as a sex / porn addict.  He feels the label itself was a problem.

While there is no clinical diagnosis for sex addiction, some people stil feel out of control when it comes to their sexual compulsions and seek help. Many people go into twelve step programs, which are known to have high rates of failure. Eric talks to us about his own journey through dozens of twelve step programs, how they didn't help at all, and how he has found mindfullness techniques that help him with his issues.


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Angela Skurtu is a licensed marriage and family therapist and an AASECT certified sex therapist. Her second book released in FebruaryJoshua is not a therapist. He is a writer and podcaster and brings a sense of humor along with an inquisitive mind to the show.

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